On-Demand Bare Metal Servers with Cloud Flexibility and High Performance

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Instant provisioning. Managed services. Guaranteed server resources.

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Unlimited Web Hosting

Reliable Web Hosting – Easy & Affordable!

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Cloud Hosting that Delivers

Do you need quality? You are on the right way!

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Cloud Hosting that Delivers

Our Server Cloud plans come with completely dedicated CPU, RAM, storage and network capacity, and we’ll ensure your Server Cloud performance will never be negatively affected by another customer’s server. Best of all there are no compute cycle limits or complicated hourly usage fees to worry with!

Looking for a flexible, scalable, high performance solution that's priced below a fully allocated dedicated server? Chuchihosting Server Cloud, our company's next-generation hosting platform, leverages the latest in virtualization and cloud technologies. It merges the simplicity and security of dedicated servers with the elasticity and reliability of a redundant cloud platform. Server Cloud is cloud computing designed specifically for Dedicated Hosting customers. With all customer data stored on a highly available Storage Area Network (SAN) - and every server guaranteed with dedicated compute resources - we deliver on what hosting customers require: performance and dependability.

Processing PowerRam (Max)Storage (Max)BandwidthIPsStarting Monthly Price
1 vCPU Server Cloud 512 MB (4) 60 GB (500) 1 TB 1 $19.95 Order Now
2 vCPU Server Cloud 2 GB (8) 60 GB (500) 1 TB 1 $24.95 Order Now
3 vCPU Server Cloud 4 GB (12) 60 GB (500) 1 TB 1 $29.95 Order Now
4 vCPU Server Cloud 8 GB (16) 60 GB (500) 1 TB 1 $35.95 Order Now

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